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Luxury Calendar: The New and Not-to-Be Missed in December

The luxury flock touches down in glamorous locations both sub-zero and tropical this month. Here are some of the most popular events in the luxury ecosystem in December 2016:

In addition to Christmas, there are many other holidays and events of note this month. Thursday, Dec 1 is World Aids Day. National Day in the UAE, on December 2, celebrates the union of the original seven emirates in 1971 with fireworks, car rallies and dance shows. Hanukkah begins on December 24 at sundown, Boxing Day is December 26, Kwanzaa begins that same day, and of course New Year’s Eve will see global celebrations, fireworks, and the singing of songs, in many cases off-key.

Keep your eye on the prize in the midst of all the holiday frenzy: the most precious luxury of all is being with your loved ones and not driving them or yourself crazy with over-scheduling. Wherever December takes you, we hope it’s festive, joyful and fun.

December 2016 Events:
Food & Drink
Planes, Yachts & Autos
Fitness & Sports
Fashion & Design
The Arts

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