Month: January 2017

Hollywood or Broadway: Where’s the Best Musical of the Year?

Hollywood musicals are clearly making a comeback, with the film LA LA Land now a critical darling sweeping the film awards season. But in the higher reaches of culture, an interesting conversation is underway among the cognoscenti. If you love musicals, which is a better place to find them right now? Los Angeles or New York? The cinema or the stage? In other words: is La La Land really all that?

Luxury Accessories Go Crazy! Spring Trends You Need to Know

Feeling the winter doldrums? We’ve got a quick cure for you. Head to the women’s accessories departments of any luxury retailer (or go online) and you’ll get an instant mood lift. Designer shoes, earrings, handbags and other accessories have gone wild for the coming spring season. Our Style Council reports that statement accessories are going to be bigger than ever this year. Merchandise is in-store now, and seeing these pieces will make you laugh and start planning your spring getaways. Whether or not you buy them is of course up to you.

Why This Should be the Year of the Dandelion

What comes to mind when you think of a dandelion? If you’re a bit of a pessimist (or an avid gardener), you probably think “hard to kill weed.” If you’re more optimistic, you might think “making a wish.” Both of these things are accurate. Dandelions are deeply rooted in the ground and difficult to dislodge, and yet they become ethereal when their plumed seeds whirl away in the wind. But what is the true nature of dandelions? Given our name, we here at Dandelion Chandelier have a vested interest in this matter. Our conclusion? With all due respect to the rooster, this should be the Year of the Dandelion.

Banish Boring: Brilliant Ways to Keep Your Workout Fresh

If you’re like many of us, you kind of hate working out indoors. Running is a fundamentally different experience on the open road than it is on a treadmill. Love the former, hate the latter (there’s a reason that the phrase “stuck on the treadmill” doesn’t evoke a happy place). But sometimes, for weeks on end, you have to exercise inside. Or maybe you’re cool with working out at the gym, but you’re in a rut because it’s the same-old, same-old day after day. We went in search of fresh new luxury classes and techniques to keep us all on point until spring – and beyond. Here are some inspiring ideas: