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Shine for the Holidays with this Luxury Toothpaste

Luxury Quotidien is our occasional series here at Dandelion Chandelier focusing on everyday items made truly luxurious, either through enhanced technology, more elegant design, or just lots of bling. If you’re looking for a micro-dose of lux on a daily basis, look no further.

Its party season, and you know what that means: you need to sparkle. Here at Dandelion Chandelier, we’ve investigated the glamorous world of high jewelry, and outlined options for renting rather than owning something dazzling by signing up with one of the shared jewelry services. We’ll soon be sharing our report on party shoes. But what about other elements of your holiday party look? Like your smile? How much are dazzling teeth worth to you? How about $100? That’s what it will cost for a tube of luxury toothpaste that should last you through New Year’s Eve (unless your party schedule is much heavier than most people’s). Of course there are options for less than that, but they still carry price tags triple what you’ll find at your neighborhood drug store. In the interest of ensuring that your holiday is brilliant as possible, we went in search of luxury oral care products that claim to get the job done. First up? Luxury toothpaste.

As with so many luxury products, you have your pick of a brand with its origins in France, Switzerland or Italy. Plus Australia! Here are five for your consideration:

l’Officine Universelle Buly. We discovered this luxurious French product line on a recent mission to Bergdorfs. We later learned that it’s owned by the husband-and-wife team of Ramdane Touhami (who revamped Cire Trudon) and Victoire de Taillac-Touhami, previously of the beloved Rue Saint-Honoré boutique Colette. They bought, resurrected and reimagined the historic Buly brand (dating back to 1803, and in its day “as big as L’Oréal”). They offer a wide range of oral care products, including uber-luxurious toothpaste. The brand’s Opiats Dentaires toothpastes are enhanced with thermal water from Castéra-Verduzan. Their fluoride-free formulation makes them particularly palatable and protects the mouth, thanks to the properties of a spa water reputed to ward off oral afflictions. According to the company, the fountain of Castéra-Verduzan, in the Gers region, gushes up naturally, replete with sulfates, calcium and magnesium. It is said to treat throat aches while refreshing breath. People from the Castéra-Verduzan region have historically converged to gargle the town’s water. Today, it is the first spa town in France to have been accredited by the health department for treating periodontal pathologies and ailments of the buccal and lingual mucus membranes. The toothpaste is packaged handsomely, and available in three scents: Mint-Coriander-Cucumber; Montauban Apple; and Orange-Ginger-Clove. $27.

The brand also sells teeth whiteners. Their Iris Root powder originates in the Balkans, and the brand claims that the substance is known for brightening and unifying the complexion and is also an excellent natural teeth whitener. Smokers and coffee or tea drinkers are exhorted to try it. $30 including tax.

Marvis. This 50-year old Italian brand is available at Barneys, and loved by celebrities. It touts its ability to “turn daily tooth brushing into a sensory experience with boldly flavored pastes that jolt the taste buds.” The toothpaste comes in a silver tube, and is fortified with fluoride. Flavors include:

  • Rambas, inspired by exotic beaches and tropical islands, with a fruity taste that includes ripe peach and sweet pineapple with a twist of sweet mango -$15
  • Karakum, meant to evoke an imaginary journey across the Mid- and Far East, combining peppermint with orange juice and aromatic cardamom -$15
  • Royal, reminiscent of an elegant, luxurious trip on the Orient Express, with Italian lemon oil, tangerines, rose extract and nutmeg, enhanced with fresh mint – $15
  • There’s also a choice of classic, whitening, jasmine, cinnamon and aquatic mint for $7-12

Aesop. The Australian brand known for its popular plant-based skincare just launched a line of toothpaste, packaged in an earthy pistachio-green tube. The brand says that its formulation is fluoride-free, and it includes Sea Buckthorn to lessen gum aggravation from frequent and vigorous brushing, plus Cardamom and Wasabia Japonica to help to maintain fresh breath. $17

Theodent. Last holiday, Gwenyth Paltrow’s Goop gift guide included a tube of $100 Theodent 300 with Rennou Toothpaste, which comes packaged in regal gold and white. Gasps were heard around the world, but Theodent justifies its price tag on the basis that it has a clinical study proving that it helps re-mineralize tooth enamel. It’s fluoride-free and contains theobromine, which comes from cocoa (not only does this chocolate extract help to strengthen teeth, it’s also safe to swallow).

Swissdent. This Swiss brand’s Extreme Whitening Toothcream promises to fight discolorations caused by tobacco, tea, coffee or red wine with its patented formula. It’s fluoride and mineral-free, contains fruit enzymes and zinc, and is packaged in a crisp, medicinal-looking, red-and-white tube. $23 for 100 ml.

We love that the descriptions of some of the various luxury toothpaste flavors are a cross between the phrases used to describe expensive fragrance and the ones used to describe high-end wine and spirits. Pretentious? Maybe. But if it helps you get through the morning, or the evening, and you’ve got that kind of scratch, then why not go for it? Your bathroom will look like a film set, and that can only be a good thing as you stumble through it in the wee small hours. And in dark times, sometimes baring your brilliant teeth is the best defense.

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