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Fresh for the Holidays with Luxury Mouthwash

Luxury Quotidien is our occasional series here at Dandelion Chandelier focusing on everyday items made truly luxurious, either through enhanced technology, more elegant design, or just lots of bling. If you’re looking for a micro-dose of lux on a daily basis, look no further.

Its party season, and you know what that means: you need to sparkle and shine. Here at Dandelion Chandelier, we’ve investigated dazzling high jewelry that you can make your own, as well as options for renting jewelry for the holiday season. We’ve taken a critical look at this year’s holiday shoes. But what about the other elements of your look? Like your smile? How much are dazzling teeth worth to you? In the interest of ensuring that your holiday is brilliant as possible, we went in search of luxury oral care products. We’ve examined luxury toothpaste and luxury toothbrushes and luxury dental floss. The final element in this trio is luxury mouthwash.

This isn’t all about vanity and increased social prowess, by the way. Dentists suggest that paying attention to your mouthwash can improve your overall health: high alcohol content in mouthwash can deplete the quality of your gums and lead to problems down the road. When you’re ready to graduate from Scope and Listerine, there are some uber-luxurious options to consider – they’ll cost you four or five times more, but hey. Luxury never comes cheaply. And one of these was invented to sweeten the breath of a king.

Here are four options for your consideration:

1. Aesop. This Australian brand known for its popular plant-based skincare launched a line of toothpaste last year; it had already offered a best-selling mouthwash for a few seasons. Its alcohol-free formulation is designed to eliminate bad breath without interfering with the natural pH of the mouth. The mouthwash is infused with cloves, aniseed and spearmint, and comes in an elegant vintage apothecary-style bottle ($25)

Aesop Mouthwash

2. l’Officine Universelle Buly. We discovered this French beauty and personal care company on a recent trip to Bergdorf’s. We later learned that it’s owned by the husband-and-wife team of Ramdane Touhami (who revamped Cire Trudon) and Victoire de Taillac-Touhami, previously of the beloved Rue Saint-Honoré boutique Colette. They bought, resurrected and reimagined the historic Buly brand (dating back to 1803, and in its day “as big as L’Oréal”). They offer a wide range of oral care products, including Eau de la Belle Haleine mouthwash. It comes in a bottle with an ornate serpent on the front, and has a unique pH; it smells and tastes like mint tea. The “secret ingredient” in many of the company’s products is thermal water from Castéra-Verduzan. People from the Castéra-Verduzan region of France have traditionally converged to gargle it, and it’s the first spa town in France to have been accredited by the health department for treating periodontal pathologies and ailments of the buccal and lingual mucus membranes. The mouthwash formulation imparts the beneficial sulfurs of the Castéra-Verduzan spring. The product does come with a warning, though: be careful not to swallow it. ($26)

Buly 1803 Mouthwash

Botot. In the late 1700s, a French surgeon and dentist named Julien Botot introduced the first modern mouthwash, a fluid that contained gillyflower, ginger, and cinnamon. This 260-year-old French company has been making concentrated mouthwash ever since. The ingredients are still all-natural – the taste has been described by GQ Magazine as having “notes of licorice and moonshine.” The product is concentrated, and should be mixed with water. One of the oldest oral hygiene products still in production, the mouthwash is said to have been invented for King Louis XV of France. $22

Botot Mouthwash

Marvis. In addition to luxury toothpaste, 60-year old Italian luxury oral care brand Marvis also makes mouthwash. It’s concentrated, so be sure to dilute it with water ($22.50)

Marvis Mouthwash

There you have it: an array of breath-fresheners fit for royalty. Perhaps this is the perfect daily micro-luxury for you. At least for the duration of the holiday party season.

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