Month: February 2018

The Best Way to see the Rain Forest in St. Lucia

There are many ways to experience a tropical rain forest: taking a hike, sliding down a zip-line, or via canoe, elephant, helicopter or jeep. Those are all great options. But in our view – if its possible, and especially if you’re short on time – the very best way is to take flight on an aerial tram that will take you gliding through and ultimately above the foliage. All of your senses will be engaged, and while you won’t emerge on an adrenaline high (at least, as long as the equipment is operating properly), there’s the very real possibility that you might return from the forest having had a spiritual epiphany. We recently visited the Caribbean island of St. Lucia for the first time, and we decided to give the island’s Aerial Tram a go. The adventure takes only about an hour from start to finish, and it’s a truly ethereal experience.

Here are the Top Ten Reasons to try a Luxury Cruise

Is a luxury cruise the new avocado? You know – the thing that has been right there under our noses the whole time, a thing that we knew about but never cared to personally experience, but that has suddenly become a Thing? According to the Cruise Lines International Association (who should know of what they speak), more than 27 million people will take a cruise in 2018.  Why are so many people cruising? And if you’re not one of them, is it time for you to jump on board? Perhaps. Here at Dandelion Chandelier, we just took our first cruise – on the Regent Seven Seas Explorer – and we loved it. Here are 10 reasons why you might decide to sail away sometime soon.

the best luxury facials in the world right now

Could a $1,500 facial ever be worth it? We’d have to say yes, given the winter we’re having. Blizzards, the bomb genesis, the daily headlines – yikes! If ever there was a moment for some skin pampering, this is it. Between the bitter cold, biting wind, and dry heat blasting indoors, winter wreaks havoc on our skin.  So there’s no better time than now for some well-deserved rejuvenation. We’ve already shared our list of the secret skincare products of the well-to-do. But what if you don’t want to DIY it? Well, dear reader, there are plenty of trained professionals who’d be happy to help. From iconic hotel spas to celebrity favorites, we’ve rounded up ten of the world’s best luxury facial treatments. Repeat after us: spring is coming.

The Best of the Red Carpet from the BAFTA Awards 2018

Hollywood awards season rolls on, and the most recent stop was in London on Sunday night for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) ceremony. Did the hop across the pond make a big difference in the sartorial splendor of the red carpet? And did #MeToo and Time’s Up make the trip? No, and yes, dear reader. Have a look at what was the same and what was different as noir came ashore in England.

February Sparklers: Those Who Choose to Shine

Sparklers is a monthly series at Dandelion Chandelier designed to highlight people, groups and institutions who have recently spread light in the world, even in the midst of great darkness. Every day, people choose to shine in ways large and small. These moments of grace and generosity don’t always get reported on, and unfortunately they can be quickly forgotten. We want to help amplify and share these stories of courage, sacrifice and thoughtfulness. Because good news, optimism and kindness could be the sweetest luxuries of all.