Month: November 2018

The best Luxury gifts this year in one size fits all

What do you do if you know a lot about a gift recipient’s style, but you’re uncertain of their size? There are plenty of people on our holiday gift list this year who love fashion and fitness – but we wouldn’t hazard a guess on what size they are. Or what size they’d opt for – some of us like fitted, and some like flowing. Sure, we could guess, but it’s a bad moment if you get it wrong. Because then you’ve just given the gift of standing in line waiting to return something when there’s a ski trip or a beach vacation waiting. Ugh. But fear not. We’ve got a list of exceptionally stylish luxury gifts where one size fits all.

the best new things to see in new york this christmas

Coming to New York for the holiday season? We’ve previously shared how to do the holiday in New York like a luxury insider. But what if you’re most interested in is what’s really new? New York City is always changing. That’s part of the fun! But it can be overwhelming, especially at the holidays, to see all of the brilliant new stores, important new museum exhibits and fantastic new eateries and bars. To help you navigate, here’s our list of a dozen of the best new things to see (and do) in New York this Christmas.

the best luxury Christmas gifts for dogs this year

What’s the best luxury gift for dogs who seem to have everything? Or for the pet parents in your life? Whether you’re looking for the perfect luxury gift for your dog, or for a dog parent in your life, we’ve got you covered. We’re sharing over-the-top ideas: stylish accessories, fluffy spots to curl up and rest in, tasty indulgences and extra-special picks that are truly one-of-a-kind. Any one of these is sure to generate some extra puppy love.

How to have the perfect mickey mouse Christmas this year

Mickey Mouse is 90 years old this year. And the party is on. For those who really love everything Disney (and who doesn’t?) we’ve rounded up a list of the limited-edition Mickey and Friends luxury items currently available. These would make perfect gifts for the young or the young at heart on your list. From accessories to travel ideas, here’s your chance to make it a truly Mickey Mouse Christmas this year.