Author: Jillian Tangen

what are the best luxury bed linens and sheets?

To sleep, perchance to dream . . . But how? Getting a sufficient amount of sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle that can benefit our hearts, weight, minds and more. But according to the Centers for Disease Control, one in three adults don’t get sufficient shut eye. Our sleep series is exploring all the ways in which you can maximize your chances for a sound, refreshing night’s zzz’s. We’ve looked at mattresses, and pajamas. But what about sheets? Do they matter in this quest?

the best luxury pajamas and sleepwear right now

Can the pajamas you wear improve your sleep? Absolutely. There’s plenty of evidence that your body temperature affects the quality of your sleep, so a breathable pair of pyjamas (as some of our friends spell it) can make a big difference. And surely looking great is a helpful way to feel great, right? And feeling great can only help you relax and drift off. Here are our top picks for luxurious p.j.’s that will have you looking smart and sleeping soundly.

What’s the best fitness tracker on the market right now?

In recent weeks, we’ve noticed a pronounced increase in the number of stylish people who wear multiple items on their wrists at work: a watch, a bracelet or two, and a fitness tracker. Maybe we’ve noticed it more because we’re in the market for one ourselves. We’ve been on a wellness quest, and we’re ready to start counting our steps. But is it possible to find a fitness tracker that works well with our work wardrobe? Or do we have to sacrifice style for steps?

The Best Ways To Upgrade Your Dorm Room Decor This Year

The new school year is underway: you’ve picked your classes, been to a tailgate and a football game or two, and maybe you’re even sporting some new fall wardrobe items.  But how are you feeling about your dorm room decor? If you’re like us, you bought or borrowed a bunch of used stuff from other students, friends, or family members. Which is totally fine. But if you’re feeling the need for an upgrade, fear not. It’s fine to live in a space for a couple of weeks, see what’s working for you (and your roommate), and then adjust. If you’re a few weeks into the semester and already ready to redecorate, we got you.