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Can Photography Be a Tool for Social Justice?

Does art have the power to change the world? Can it be a means to advance positive social change? The historical record is well-established — the answer is an emphatic yes. Think Vietnam War-era protest songs, photos and videos of the civil rights marches, provocative feminist performance art, and the AIDS Quilt. These works touched the soul of the nation, and moved people to act with an urgency that well-reasoned speeches and newspaper articles couldn’t always achieve. We recently had the opportunity to meet an artist who is demonstrating the impact that photography can have in the difficult and ongoing work of social justice. Her name is Lynn Savarese, and her story is incredible.

See Luxury in a New Light with: Wynton Marsalis

The Dandelion Chandelier Luminary Café is the place to find a series of personal interviews with fascinating people who are stellar achievers in their chosen field of endeavor. Our Luminaries are sharing their origin stories, life philosophies, secret songs, guilty pleasures and hidden talents. It’s guaranteed to be illuminating.  Wynton Marsalis is an internationally acclaimed musician, composer and bandleader, an educator and a leading advocate of American culture. A child prodigy, at age 14 he performed with the New Orleans Philharmonic. He attended Juilliard, afterward performing with several jazz legends, including Art Blakey, Sweets Edison, Elvin Jones, John Lewis, Dizzy Gillespie and Sarah Vaughn. Through his tireless performing and teaching, Wynton rekindled widespread interest in jazz throughout the world and inspired a renaissance that attracted a new generation of fine young talent to jazz. In the realm of classical music, Wynton has recorded 11 classical records, to critical acclaim. He has produced over 80 records, including three Gold Records. A prolific and inventive composer, he has created and performed an expansive range of music for groups of …

How to Get Your Child into Private School

Getting children into private school is one of the most emotional and potentially stressful endeavors that parents can voluntarily undertake. In our ongoing series here at Dandelion Chandelier, our Luminary Lawrence Otis Graham shares his inside advice and tips on how to achieve your family’s goals while staying sane and keeping your kids that way, too. This is the second of his entries on how to manage the private school application process. In Part 1 of this series, I discussed the importance of applying to schools that seem appropriate for both your child and for your family. In the mad dash to keep up with friends, neighbors and others who talk about the most popular schools or the most rigorous schools, as parents we can lose sight of which school will provide the best curriculum and approach for our child as an individual. This next article will address how to best organize and how to best “present” your child and your family during the application process.  Future articles will tell you what to expect and …