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luxury restaurants embrace a new kind of meat

Forget everything you once knew about hamburgers. And meatballs and sausages, too. There’s a whole new kind of meat making its way to gourmet tables around the world – and its not traveling by hoof. Clean meat – also known as lab-grown, cultured, or bio meat – is on a rapid trajectory to join plant-based burgers and other ground meat dishes on the menus of fine dining establishments and home grills everywhere. Meatless meat (or is it fake meat?) is officially a Thing now. Are you in?

true luxury is easy and marvelous

Fireflies is a recurring series of essays at Dandelion Chandelier written by our youngest contributors. Our Fireflies are sharing how they experience life, and what they love (and don’t). Prepare for sparks and flashes of insight about modern luxuries, large and small.

Cool new luxury retail concepts you need to see now

Everyone’s buzzing about “Third Wave” retail – that magical place where e-commerce meets brick and mortar retailing, and consumers find experiential luxuries as well as cool new products that they might not have found if they were only shopping online. What does that mean in real life, though? Here are a dozen new luxury retail stores, all of which have opened in the past 12 months, that capture the concept brilliantly.

an electrifying beyonce video brings the louvre to life

Can’t believe we made it. This is what we’re thankful for. The sound you heard emanating from Paris yesterday was the sound of something dropping. A new music video from the Carters – aka Beyoncé and Jay-Z. But also jaws. And facades. Veils. And masks. Old ideas of beauty. Ancient concepts of privilege. Velvet ropes and restraints. Inhibitions and constraints. And without a doubt, the mic.