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could keeping a journal make you more successful?

Meditation. Yoga. Exercise. All of these are ways in which people try to achieve a state of mind that is calm, focused and productive without the use of prescription medications. If they’re effective, in theory at least, they should lead to greater success at work. And greater overall happiness in life.  Now comes word that keeping a daily written journal (or diary) could have the same effect.

why should I learn how to talk about sports?

I don’t like sports, and I cringe when it comes up in conversation. I know I should try to get smarter about sports, but I don’t have time. I wouldn’t know how to get started even if I did want to learn the basics about sports. It’s not fair that I have to learn about sports, and the sports-bros at work don’t have to learn about fashion. Have you ever said or thought one or more of these things? Dear reader, we feel you. We’ve said or thought all of those things and more.