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living electric: life on the road with my affordable EV

In our series Living Electric, our roving correspondent and firefly Gordon J. T. Graham shares his tales of life on the road as a college student with his affordable EV, a 2017 previously-owned Nissan LEAF. Can’t afford a Tesla? Don’t want a hybrid, like a Prius? Here’s the truth about driving a budget all-electric vehicle. In this edition, Graham recounts a nail-biting trip south filled with rangxiety.

how did darkness become a luxury good?

Dark skies are a luxury experience. And dark sky astro-tourism is booming. It’s hard to remember it now, but the very idea of being able to go outdoors safely at night was once a luxury reserved for only the wealthiest people. Without the proper transportation and protection, the night was treacherous, even lethal. In such circumstances, light itself was a luxury item: expensive, rare, and granting freedom of movement for the elite, while others traveled in fear, if at all. Fast forward, and the situation is reversed. Darkness is now the scarce resource – truly dark skies are a experience. So how did darkness become a luxury good?

Is the best luxury winter vacation the beach or skiing?

Which luxury tribe do you belong to: Team Sand? Or Team Snow? Almost everyone has a dream luxury winter vacation that sustains them on the days when work or family (or both) are causing excessive stress, and fantasies of escaping to a better place start to dominate. If we’re lucky, sometimes we even get to take those dream trips. But unless we’re traveling alone, or have unlimited time and money and no need to make tough choices, we are sometimes faced with a pressing issue: Is the best luxury winter vacation the beach or skiing?

could keeping a journal make you more successful?

Meditation. Yoga. Exercise. All of these are ways in which people try to achieve a state of mind that is calm, focused and productive without the use of prescription medications. If they’re effective, in theory at least, they should lead to greater success at work. And greater overall happiness in life.  Now comes word that keeping a daily written journal (or diary) could have the same effect.