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When is the Best Time to Start Luxury Holiday Shopping?

Isn’t it way too soon to be talking about holiday shopping? Actually, no. It’s just about to be too late. That is, if you want to give your loved ones something truly luxurious, special, bespoke, unusual or hand-made. True luxury takes time. And that means you need to get moving. But don’t stress – here at Dandelion Chandelier, we’ve got you covered. Our holiday luxury gift-giving series will showcase truly special products and experiences that will delight your loved ones, clients, and anyone else on your gift list. We’re showcasing incredible items and experiences that you can order this month. That way, when the holiday season actually arrives, you can focus your energy on going to swanky parties, imbibing eggnog, looking cute and being generally just totally chill. That can be your holiday gift to yourself. Right?

Where Can One See the Pioneering Yayoi Kusama This Year?

Where can you see Yayoi Kusama this year? For starters, on Instagram. If you haven’t seen at least one Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirror pic on Instagram this year, then you clearly have not been on Instagram this year. A blockbuster exhibition of works by the 88-year-old artist – one of Japan’s most celebrated – has been on tour since late February, and it has definitely become A Thing. If you weren’t already familiar with the work of the red-wigged avant-garde artist from her 2012 collaboration with Louis Vuitton, or her inclusion on TIME magazine’s 100 Most Influential People last year, you’ve surely heard about her by now. The Infinity Rooms are comprised of repetitive patterned objects: pumpkins, balloons, phallic objects and the like. When visitors step inside the mirrored spaces – the limit is three people at a time – they become immersed in a dazzling swirl of light and color, including images of themselves.

Could the Future of Luxury Retail Actually Be Fun?

We have seen the future of retail. And it’s fun. Literally. While old-line department stores and legacy brick and mortar retailers struggle to stay relevant and generate foot traffic, and launch somewhat far-fetched initiatives (we’re looking at you, Saks Fifth Avenue Wellery), on a recent trip to Martha’s Vineyard, we stumbled across a small retail location that points a clear path to the future for traditional retail. And it’s all about entertainment and fun.

Welcome to the New Dandelion Chandelier

Today we are one! It’s our first birthday here at Dandelion Chandelier, and it seemed like the perfect time to reflect and renew. We have had so much fun this year. We hope you have, too. We want to thank everyone who has been vital to our success: our Bureau Chiefs, the Style Editor, the Sports Desk, the Staff Photographer, the Head of Research, our generous advisers, and our friends and family, especially Darling Larry. We appreciate your advice, your encouragement, and your unfailing belief in us. We’ve learned from you and been inspired by you, and we feel lucky to have you on our team. Most of all, we want to thank you, dear readers. We know how busy you are and how many options you have for spending your precious free time. Thank you for choosing to spend some of it with us. We’ll keep doing our best to ensure that it’s time well spent. As we start a new year, we’ve reorganized a bit, and we’re proud to unveil the new Dandelion …

A Good Night’s Sleep is Now a Luxury Object of Desire

It’s surely not breaking news to you that sleep is the new sex amongst the global elites: people crave it, brag about how much they’re getting, keep running numerical tallies of their experiences, quietly seek instruction on how to get better at it, and secretly cannot manage to get enough of it to satisfy them. The number of nightly hours of successful sleep one can achieve has become a “thing,” and a good night’s sleep has become a luxury item, to be lusted after and fetishized.