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Why We’re Convinced that Gucci Will Save the World

You may think that Amazon is taking over the universe, but keep your eye on Gucci. Its influence on global culture and commerce is omnipresent, enormous and growing, and you may not even realize how it’s changing the way you see the world. My money is on them in the race for total global domination.

It’s also the only force that I see in the world right now with a real shot at uniting the people of Earth across the boundaries of race, color, class, religion and creed. Yes, you heard that right. Not the UN, not the darling duo of Justin Trudeau and Emanuel Macron. Gucci. Mark my words.

Why? My hypothesis is driven by a series of simple observations.

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Luxury Calendar: The New and Not-to-be-Missed in June

A once-in-a-decade art Grand Tour, Ascot, Pride Month, festivals of all kinds (music, dance, art, food, ideas, and creativity), hot movies, roses and rosé, fashion awards, and the start of summer! There’s so much to love about this month. Here’s our Dandelion Chandelier list of the essential events in the global luxury ecosystem in June 2017 – everything you need to know, all in one place, to help you enjoy luxurious experiences all month long.

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