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Our top picks in the world of art museum exhibits right now

September is an important month in the world of the visual arts – it’s a time of transition, and an ideal moment to explore. The blockbuster museum exhibits of summer are closing soon, and a number of new significant exhibitions and museums have just opened. Of course you know about Heavenly Bodies and We Come in Peace at the Met in New York (closing on October 8 and 28, respectively, so don’t wait if you haven’t seen them yet). Here are over a dozen other art museum exhibits currently on view that we would love to see — if time and our travel budget would permit it, we’d visit all of these in the next few weeks. Are you in?

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love pasta? the new misi in williamsburg is perfection

Every year there are restaurant openings that receive so much advanced hype, one wonders how the chef and team can live up to it (remember Lincoln, anyone?). This year’s most talked about New York City opening has to be Missy Robbins’ new pasta-centric restaurant, Misi, which opened its doors in Williamsburg last week. Team Dandelion Chandelier made the pilgrimage, first for “Friends and Family,” and then again during the first week, and we can report that in this case, you can believe the hype. If you love pasta – and who doesn’t? – this is your Emerald City.

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The Best Bookstores In The World: Hatchards In London

The Best Bookstores in the World is an occasional series here at Dandelion Chandelier. As we roam the world, we love to check out the interesting bookstores in town. When we really love them, we’ll share them with you. First up? A centuries old shop in the heart of Piccadilly in London. Not every bookstore gets the endorsement of the Queen. But not every bookstore is the original Hatchards.

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