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the best luxury gyms in the world right now

We’ve shared the latest trends in fitness, wellness, and studio-based workouts. Now, to dream a little dream, we’re assessing the best luxury gyms in the world. With all the fabulous at-home workout equipment on the market, is there actually a gym worth leaving home for? Sure, some high-end fitness studios are morphing into private members-only social clubs. But what about the rest? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy gives us the run-down on the best luxury gym experiences money can buy.

Why Do People Love to Ski and Snowboard?

With the official start of winter nearly here, and ski resorts all over the world opening for the season, this seems like a great moment to address a profound question in the sphere of winter wellness: why do people love to ski and snowboard? Said another way, why would anyone in their right mind voluntarily choose to don clunky heavy boots, several layers of clothing, a helmet, face mask  and googles, and then strap two sticks or an over-sized skate board to their feet and hurl themselves headlong down a mountain? Unless they were being pursued by a bear, or the Huns, or creating a YouTube video, really, what’s the point? Dear reader, we’re glad you asked. In our view, here are the top reasons that people love to ski and snowboard.

The Best Events in Fitness and Sports This December

The Dandelion Chandelier Calendar for Fitness and Sports highlights the most notable marathons, cycling races, tennis matches, Thoroughbred horse races, and professional sports events around the world. It’s our top picks for the best events in fitness and sports this December. For the rest of the Luxury Calendar, click here. And for weekly updates on what you need to know about sports, read TWIST: This Week in Sports Talk.