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The Best of the Spring 2018 Luxury Collaborations

The wave of luxury designer collaborations continues to roll on, with some unlikely pairings available now, or dropping in the coming weeks. Spring is the season of unusual affairs and the attraction of opposites, and some of these partnerships definitely qualify. Like peanut butter and jelly – or Spongebob and Patrick – you’d think some of these duos just wouldn’t work, but somehow they do. Hey, we all know that sometimes strange relationships are the best. Here are a baker’s dozen that caught our eye.

the best luxury facials in the world right now

Could a $1,500 facial ever be worth it? We’d have to say yes, given the winter we’re having. Blizzards, the bomb genesis, the daily headlines – yikes! If ever there was a moment for some skin pampering, this is it. Between the bitter cold, biting wind, and dry heat blasting indoors, winter wreaks havoc on our skin.  So there’s no better time than now for some well-deserved rejuvenation. We’ve already shared our list of the secret skincare products of the well-to-do. But what if you don’t want to DIY it? Well, dear reader, there are plenty of trained professionals who’d be happy to help. From iconic hotel spas to celebrity favorites, we’ve rounded up ten of the world’s best luxury facial treatments. Repeat after us: spring is coming.

Insider’s Guide to the Best Luxury Skincare Products

One of the laments about winter that we hear every year is about the number it does on our skin. Dryness, redness, itchiness — you know what we’re talking about. You can seek relief from any number of luxury skincare brands like La Mer, Sisley Paris, Natura Bisse and La Prairie. They’re endorsed by countless celebrities, heavily supported with brand advertising, and prominently displayed in luxury department stores the world over. But what if we told you that there was a secret world of luxury skincare that only dermatologists and ultra-high end facialists (and their well-heeled clients) know about?  And what if we told you that our beauty insiders tell us that these products work even better than the brands we just mentioned? Care to hear more? Recently, we got the inside scoop on some of these under-the-radar (and crazy-expensive) luxury skincare products. From cleansing and exfoliating to moisturizing and masks, we’re sharing the insider’s top picks across various skincare categories. Watch your back, winter. We’re coming for you.