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The best Luxury gifts this year in one size fits all

What do you do if you know a lot about a gift recipient’s style, but you’re uncertain of their size? There are plenty of people on our holiday gift list this year who love fashion and fitness – but we wouldn’t hazard a guess on what size they are. Or what size they’d opt for – some of us like fitted, and some like flowing. Sure, we could guess, but it’s a bad moment if you get it wrong. Because then you’ve just given the gift of standing in line waiting to return something when there’s a ski trip or a beach vacation waiting. Ugh. But fear not. We’ve got a list of exceptionally stylish luxury gifts where one size fits all.

the ultimate luxury bespoke gifts this year

Looking for a knockout gift? Why not bestow a one-of-a-kind item that is precisely tailored to the personality, experiences or aesthetic of your loved one? We’ve rounded up ideas for bespoke items that make wonderful gifts. What could be better? You’ll have the fun of knowing that no one else in the world has exactly the same item as your gift recipient. That’s some serious luxury.