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our top picks of the best novels for veteran’s day

When was the last time you read a literary novel about war? Perhaps its been a while, and if it has, you’re not alone. Fiction about soldiers fighting wars – and the impact of violent conflict on individuals and families long after the fighting has ceased – are a genre unto themselves. With Veteran’s Day approaching, November is the ideal month to give these books a fresh look.

The Perfect Books to Read in the Month of November

So many books, so little time! Reading can be one of life’s sweetest luxuries. But how to quickly find the next great volume to dive into? To lend a hand, every month we’ll share our recommended reading list: the perfect books to read each month. These are books we’ve personally read and loved – some brand new, and some published long ago. Selected to suit the season, we think they deserve a place on your nightstand. Or your e-reader. In your backpack. Or your carry-on bag. You get the idea.

our top picks of the best novels for halloween season

Halloween is an electric time of year, when it feels as if anything might be possible. Mischief, wild surprises, unexpected turns of events, encoded messages, second chances and nocturnal adventures. Journeys to the past, connections with the spirit world, attempted vengeance, redemptive acts and the righting of ancient wrongs. In short, many of the elements that make for great fiction.