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the best crazy rich Christmas presents to give this year

Luxury items can just be mad crazy sometimes. For instance, the diamond-encrusted $88,000 cell phone. Or the $100,000 mattress (yes, we’re looking at you, Hästens). You know what we mean: sometimes basic everyday items can come with stratospheric prices. Sometimes the craftsmanship is really that good. And sometimes, putting a brand name or a celebrity into or onto a prosaic item makes some of us willing to pay almost anything to own it. If mad luxury is how you want to roll this holiday, here’s our list of the best crazy rich Christmas presents to give this year. 

the best fall 2018 fashion for the boardroom and beyond

How should you dress when you want to convey power and authority? An important business meeting or daytime social engagement is the time to be bold, and to strike the right sartorial balance between safe and standout. Basically, you need to dress like a boss. The good news? This fall, there are lots of looks that will more than meet that need. Here are some of the “boardroom” looks that caught our eye in the fall-winter 2018 designer collections. Wear any one of these to your next big meeting, and you’ll own the room.

how to look chic on your college campus this fall

Summer holidays are over, and sadly, living in a uniform of sun dresses, cut offs and graphic tees won’t cut it for much longer. It’s time to look smart as you head back to campus. Sure, some of your fellow students will be living in sweatpants — athleisure is totally on-trend. But more and more, college chic requires more than just throwing on your cleanest dirty shirt.

The Best In Back To School Fashion For Kids This Year

It’s almost time to put away the beach bags and take out the lunch boxes, because the new school year is just around the corner.  By now you’ve likely received your back to school shopping lists for supplies – the long list filled with pencils, notebooks and calculators galore.  However, we’re not here to talk about that boring albeit necessary shopping list.  We’re here to talk with you about something a little more fun – the cutest back to school fashions for your little ones.