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the best of the paris high jewelry shows july 2018

Lifelike flower petal rings, a watch inspired by a chic Parisian apartment, a necklace reminiscent of the traditional adornments of the Kenyan Masai tribe, a tiara with nearly one thousand white diamonds, a bracelet that appears on the hand of the wearer as if it is a golden tattoo, a cuff inspired by the play of light on snow in Northern Europe. The July 2018 haute joaillerie presentations drew their inspiration and romance from literally every corner of the world. You can call it high jewelry, or fine jewelry, or even fine jewellery. We just call it gorgeous.

5 bold items that will get you on trend in spring 2018

The Spring-Summer 2018 luxury designer collections are already available online for pre-ordering, and they’ll be hitting the floors of upscale department stores and brand flagships in another couple of weeks. So what should you buy this spring to be totally on-trend? We mean really, truly, deeply on-trend. If you consider yourself to be highly engaged in fashion, and you’ve got the resources to go for it, what should be on your shopping list this spring? We’ve prowled around, and read a ton of fashion articles, and discussed this pressing matter among ourselves. And we’ve pulled together a curated list of what we consider to be the 5 most important on-trend pieces for the upcoming season. These aren’t investments – they’re highly likely to come and go within a handful of months. But they’re completely of the moment. And they’re also So. Much. Fun. Here’s how to be totally 2018.

the best luxury brands to wear to make a statement now

What are you trying to say with what you’re wearing right now? Is it possible to be both on-trend and on-message? Many of us view fashion as a strong and effective way to send a message to others: about who we are, what we value, and how we’re currently feeling about the world in general. Consciously or not, what we choose to wear every day signals a great deal to others – which is why it pays to put some thought into it. Done well, fashion helps us claim our space in the world; support what we are passionate about; or just inject some wit and color into a dark or dull situation. Our feeling is that you have to get dressed anyway – so why not make your attire work harder for you?