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Equestrian Is the New Ski in the World Of Sporty Luxury

Luxury track suits? Designer ski pants? Dear reader, those are so 2017. One of our brilliant friends, founder of the obscenely chic luxury brand F.WORDS, has turned us on to the latest and most inspired way to embody both luxurious and sporty style: equestrian chic. An added benefit? On or off a horse, your rear view will receive nearly as much acclaim as Kim Kardashian’s. If you care about such things.

the most stylish and happy luxury bikes right now

From cruising around Dionis Beach on Nantucket to a spin along the shore in Santa Monica, to a sunrise sojourn on Martha’s Vineyard, biking and summertime are the perfect match. With windswept sandy shores and breathtaking landscapes, there are few things more luxurious in life than tooling around a charming beach town on two wheels. It’s evocative of the long summer days of childhood, filled with possibilities, anticipation, exploration and adventure. Wanna recapture that thrill? You could go for a serious sporting bike and get your Tour de France on. But if you’re more in the mood for pure whimsical summer fun, there are some seriously cute luxury bikes to take you there.

What are the Best Events in Fitness & Sports this July?

The Dandelion Chandelier Luxury Calendar for Fitness and Sports highlights the most notable marathons, cycling races, professional tennis matches, Thoroughbred horse races, and professional sports championships around the world in July 2018. For the rest of the Luxury Calendar, click here. And for weekly updates on the top three things you need to know to be able to talk sports – even if you don’t really like sports – read TWIST: This Week in Sports Talk.