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Top Destinations for Luxury Culinary Travel Right Now

Love fine food and wine? Love to travel the world looking for wonderful luxurious experiences? Then you, dear reader, are a culinary tourist. And you’re not alone. From visiting Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris to scoping out the local food truck scene in Bangkok; from sampling the offerings at the local wineries and craft breweries in the Hamptons to a glorious sojourn in Tuscany, delicious experiences abound.

luxury restaurants embrace a new kind of meat

Forget everything you once knew about hamburgers. And meatballs and sausages, too. There’s a whole new kind of meat making its way to gourmet tables around the world – and its not traveling by hoof. Clean meat – also known as lab-grown, cultured, or bio meat – is on a rapid trajectory to join plant-based burgers and other ground meat dishes on the menus of fine dining establishments and home grills everywhere. Meatless meat (or is it fake meat?) is officially a Thing now. Are you in?

the best of the summer 2018 fine food and drink pop-ups

Foodie alert! The luxury pop-up is alive and well for summer 2018, and the concept is not just limited to designer apparel, accessories and beauty products. There are are more and more fine dining, food and drink pop-ups showing up in glamorous locations around the world, including New York, Paris, London and the Hamptons. Here’s a round-up of the 11 food, champagne and other fine dining pop-ups that we’re most excited about, coming soon to a chic location near you. Sunshine, starlight, warm temps and ice-cold champagne — we could definitely get used to this.