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Act now to gift the hottest-selling luxuries this Christmas

Want to be a holiday hero? That cool cat who can sit back and watch their loved ones shout with glee as presents are opened, knowing that they’ve scored the hardest-to-get items that everyone wants. It’s not just little kids who get their hearts set on a particular gift only to have their parents tearing out their hair trying to find it at the last minute. Grown folks can get attached to the idea of one particular gift, too. Many movie and sitcom plots turn on this very dilemma, but in reality, it is SO not funny.

a customized luxury bag is the perfect Christmas gift

Searching for the perfect holiday present? Our holiday luxury gift-giving series showcases truly special products and experiences that will delight your beloved. We’re sharing incredible items and experiences that you can purchase right now. That way, when the holiday season actually arrives, you can go to parties, drink eggnog, look cute and be generally just totally chill. Sound like a dream? If you want to kick it like that this year, read on.

Love leopard prints? Here are some of the best

We love leopard prints. We can’t remember anything we’ve ever bought that was a leopard print that we regret buying (and like so many, we’ve had plenty of buyer’s remorse through the years when it comes to fashion). For some reason, animal prints – especially leopard print – never go out of style. So you can wear a favorite piece a lot, or a little, for years and years, and you’ll always be both trendy and timeless. How great is that? Leopard prints are ubiquitous for fall-winter 2018-19, making it a perfect time to invest in a piece or two.