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Luxury Legends: Can Rodeo Drive Measure Up to the Hype?

Rodeo Drive. The very words make the heartbeat of any devoted luxury shopper of a certain age accelerate. Long before Net-a-Porter there was Rodeo Drive: a magical boulevard with a median strip lined with palm trees and flagship boutiques for every designer and fine jewelry brand worth knowing about. Birthplace of so many iconic movie scenes about shopping: Clueless, Pretty Woman, Sex and the City – The Movie. The stuff of dreams. Fast forward to today, when retail is “dead,” everyone shops online, and direct-to-consumer is the way to get rich quick if you’re a purveyor of luxury goods. Is Rodeo Drive still relevant? Is it still fun? Or has the party moved on?

A Customized Luxury Bag Could be the Perfect Gift

Searching for the perfect holiday present? Our Dandelion Chandelier holiday luxury gift-giving series showcases truly special products and experiences that will delight your beloved. We’re sharing incredible items and experiences that you can purchase right now. That way, when the holiday season actually arrives, you can go to parties, drink eggnog, look cute and be generally just totally chill. Sound like a dream? If you want to kick it like that this year, read on. Holiday shopping? Already? We can hear you groaning, but it’s that time of year, dear reader. In fact, it will soon be too late to purchase some of the most special items that you could give to your friends and family this year. And no, we’re not crazy. According to the National Retail Federation, in 2016 12.2% of U.S. consumers began shopping for the holiday season before September; 6.5% started in September; 21.9% started in October; and 41.4% started during the month of November. We’re not trying to alarm you. This is just a nudge to say that if you …

Act Now to Gift the Hottest-Selling Luxuries this Year

Who wants to be a holiday hero? That cool cat who can sit back and watch their loved ones squeal in delight as presents are opened, knowing that they’ve scored the hardest-to-get items that everyone wants. It’s not just little kids who get their hearts set on a particular gift only to have their parents tearing out their hair trying to find it at the last minute. Grown folks can get attached to the idea of one particular gift, too. Many movie and sitcom plots turn on this very dilemma, but IRL, it is SO not funny. If you’re one of those people who likes to get all of their holiday gift shopping done before the leaves have fallen from the trees, here are some ideas for fantastic experiences and products that you can buy right now. They’ll delight the gift recipient when the big day actually arrives, in no small measure because they’re sure to sell out – you’ll be able to gift something that lots of people might want but cannot get their …

Gucci Launches a New Exclusive Luxury Home Line

We predicted that Gucci would be the force that brings the world together and changes the way we see ornamentation and embellishment for years to come. And now there’s further proof: Gucci is coming home with us – literally. Our smartphones started vibrating like crazy here at Dandelion Chandelier one morning last week. The email subject lines and texts were all pretty much the same: Gucci Décor has arrived! The exclusive new home collection designed by Alessandro Michele includes both furniture and decorative objects. It’s available in New York only at the Gucci flagship store and at Bergdorf’s – and online at Just in time for New York Fashion Week. And for the upcoming holiday gift-giving season.

Luxury Lessons: How to Wear White Boots like a Cool Girl

You know all of the essential fall/winter 2017 luxury trends: the must-have coats, jackets, shoes, boots, handbags, day wear and jewelry. You can name-check the “it” pieces: the white boot, the sock boot, the vinyl trench coat, mismatched earrings, velvet and the fur handbag. So what’s the problem? Well, for many people the idea of wearing any one of these trends in real life – let alone more than one – can be intimidating.  Raise your hand if you were a cool kid in high school, always on, always with the right look, and never trying too hard. Hmm. Not many hands in the air. We feel you. Fashion is hard. If it were easy, everyone would look fantastic all the time. But never fear. Our Dandelion Chandelier global Style Council has convened to talk you through the big fall/winter 2017 trends, and how to make them work in your actual life, with your existing wardrobe. No fashion-school jargon, and no showing off: just some practical tips to have you looking chic in seconds. It’s …