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the best christmas decorations in london this year

If you’re dreaming of London during the holiday season, but can’t make it there in person, why not take a virtual vacation? We’ve rounded up photos of the best Christmas decorations in London this year. From gorgeous iconic store windows to towering Christmas trees presiding over brightly-lit outdoor skating rinks (that doesn’t happen only in New York), here’s a glimpse of a sparkling city. Unlike in a Dickens tale, there are no ghosts here – just the beauty of Christmas Present.

How to survive the holidays with your career intact

It’s officially the holiday season, and you know what that means. Office parties, maybe Secret Santa gift exchanges, client events, and rich food and drink. Plus the perils of too much alcohol and too much information being shared. Given all of that, how do you survive the holidays with your career intact? Is it really possible to do the holidays at work like a boss?