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Gucci Launches a New Exclusive Luxury Home Line

We predicted that Gucci would be the force that brings the world together and changes the way we see ornamentation and embellishment for years to come. And now there’s further proof: Gucci is coming home with us – literally. Our smartphones started vibrating like crazy here at Dandelion Chandelier one morning last week. The email subject lines and texts were all pretty much the same: Gucci Décor has arrived! The exclusive new home collection designed by Alessandro Michele includes both furniture and decorative objects. It’s available in New York only at the Gucci flagship store and at Bergdorf’s – and online at Just in time for New York Fashion Week. And for the upcoming holiday gift-giving season.

The Best New Aids for a Luxurious Night’s Sleep

If sleep is the new elite status symbol, then how can we all get more of it? Does throwing money and/or technology at the problem help? Lots of brands would like us to believe that the answer is an emphatic yes. The world of luxury sleep aids is booming. And that’s part of the problem. Just try to make sense of it: every week there are new sleep gadgets to sort through, rediscovered ancient remedies, and new medical research reports – plus there are all those things your parents told you to do when you were a kid (hot milk, anyone?).