how to give and get feedback at work most effectively

Work can be a minefield when it comes to interactions with your boss, your peers and your team members. One of the thorniest issues is how to give and get feedback at work most effectively. For Power Up, our expert – executive coach Malvika Singh – shares her tips about how to give feedback at work, and how to get it. She’s sharing practical advice on how to build our feedback muscles.

Two hours in Zürich: the best spots for a quick visit

We’ve all been there: on a business trip, not much down time, in a sophisticated beautiful city that we long to explore. But what to do with two hours or less to spare? We always ask our local work colleagues what we should do if we have a precious couple of hours to sneak out and experience at least a taste of what their city has to offer. Now we’re sharing those ideas with you. In this edition of Two Hours in . . . we address the question: What to do with 2 free hours in Zürich? These are the best spots for a quick visit if you have only two hours in Zürich.

recommended reads: the best business books of 2018

So many books, so little time! Reading can be one of life’s sweetest luxuries. But how to quickly find the next great volume to dive into? To lend a hand, every month we’ll share our Dandelion Chandelier Recommended Reads: books that we’ve personally read and loved – some brand new, and some published long ago. Selected to suit the season, we think they deserve a place on your nightstand. Or your e-reader. In your backpack. Or your carry-on bag. You get the idea. In this edition, we’re sharing our picks for the best business books of 2018.

How to survive the holidays with your career intact

It’s officially the holiday season, and you know what that means. Office parties, maybe Secret Santa gift exchanges, client events, and rich food and drink. Plus the perils of too much alcohol and too much information being shared. Given all of that, how do you survive the holidays with your career intact? Is it really possible to do the holidays at work like a boss?