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what you need to know about NCAA college football

Other than prepping our sons and daughters for their first day, nothing says back to school/back to campus for us grown-ups like the start of the NCAA college football season. Here are five talking points you can use to participate in any Labor Day weekend social function (or at work this coming week) if college football becomes the topic of conversation:

What You Need to Know about NFL Football 2018-19

So here’s a fall dilemma that many of us face. No, it’s not which chunky sweater to wear, or which pair of cute boots to buy. Or where to hike or cycle this weekend, or whether we should try the Kiki Challenge. The dilemma is how to talk about NFL football with all the people in our lives who live for the start of the NFL season and who become utterly unintelligible when they start chattering about it. And some of them chatter about it a lot. Which can lead to side-eye, eye rolls, loud sighing, and all kinds of relationship problems at work and at home. Ugh. This is supposed to be the best time of the year! Why do they have to ruin it with sports?