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how to decorate beautifully with flowers for thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is drawing near, and whether you’re hosting dinner on the big day at your home, or gathering everyone for a leftovers party the next day, or just decorating your nest for the season, using flowers to create a magical environment is an joyous rite of the Thanksgiving season. We have long relied on the same wonderfully talented floral artist to bring the Thanksgiving joy to our home. We asked her to share her advice and tips on how to decorate beautifully with flowers for Thanksgiving.

why should I learn how to talk about sports?

I don’t like sports, and I cringe when it comes up in conversation. I know I should try to get smarter about sports, but I don’t have time. I wouldn’t know how to get started even if I did want to learn the basics about sports. It’s not fair that I have to learn about sports, and the sports-bros at work don’t have to learn about fashion. Have you ever said or thought one or more of these things? Dear reader, we feel you. We’ve said or thought all of those things and more.

what you need to know about the 2018 MLB playoffs

At my house, October’s arrival means that all non-essential operations cease until the day after the last game of the World Series. That’s not how you roll? No worries. What follows is a refresher on the basics and three things you need to know in order to start or join any Major League Baseball playoff conversations this month. (Note: as of this writing, the start of the first playoff game is less than 12 hours away.)

what you need to know about NCAA college football

Other than prepping our sons and daughters for their first day, nothing says back to school/back to campus for us grown-ups like the start of the NCAA college football season. Here are five talking points you can use to participate in any Labor Day weekend social function (or at work this coming week) if college football becomes the topic of conversation: