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luxury photo journey to the new food hall at harrods

The Luxury Photo Journey is an occasional series here at Dandelion Chandelier. Sometimes we find ourselves in a place so stunningly beautiful that words fail us. So we let the images do most of the talking. This is our photo journey to the new food hall at Harrods in London. Get a first look at the new Fresh Food Market and the other new renovations. Who knew that shopping for edibles could be so much fun?

best luxury spring break vacations with kids this year

Spring Break! Those iconic words once meant a carefree and crazy week in a warm location with your posse. But now that you’re a parent, does that mean the fun is over? Nah. Our intrepid correspondent Jillian Tangen has found 10 places to go for luxury spring break vacations with kids this year. They’ll be fun and restorative for everyone in your brood. Including you!

The happy luxury of the Nantucket Christmas Stroll

Sure, you could visit a glittering city like New York, London or Paris during the Christmas season. But sometimes its nice to dream of a different kind of Christmas. One near the sea, with old weathered clapboard buildings, and hand-decorated trees. One with nutcrackers of a different sort. One like Christmas on Nantucket. This small and special island off the coast of Massachusetts is best-known as a summer retreat. But those who love it also know about the annual Nantucket Christmas Stroll.

Why Do People Love to Ski and Snowboard?

With the official start of winter nearly here, and ski resorts all over the world opening for the season, this seems like a great moment to address a profound question in the sphere of winter wellness: why do people love to ski and snowboard? Said another way, why would anyone in their right mind voluntarily choose to don clunky heavy boots, several layers of clothing, a helmet, face mask  and googles, and then strap two sticks or an over-sized skate board to their feet and hurl themselves headlong down a mountain? Unless they were being pursued by a bear, or the Huns, or creating a YouTube video, really, what’s the point? Dear reader, we’re glad you asked. In our view, here are the top reasons that people love to ski and snowboard.