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What should you buy when you visit chic St. Barth’s?

Fashionistas of the world generally agree that one of the many joys of travel is the shopping opportunities that it presents. We were lucky enough to find ourselves on the tony island of St. Barth’s recently. It was our first visit, and despite the damage from the brutal hurricane season of 2017, the luxury shops along the streets near the harbor in Gustavia were all open. Which raised the pressing question: what should one buy on a quick shopping run on the island?

5 bold items that will get you on trend in spring 2018

The Spring-Summer 2018 luxury designer collections are already available online for pre-ordering, and they’ll be hitting the floors of upscale department stores and brand flagships in another couple of weeks. So what should you buy this spring to be totally on-trend? We mean really, truly, deeply on-trend. If you consider yourself to be highly engaged in fashion, and you’ve got the resources to go for it, what should be on your shopping list this spring? We’ve prowled around, and read a ton of fashion articles, and discussed this pressing matter among ourselves. And we’ve pulled together a curated list of what we consider to be the 5 most important on-trend pieces for the upcoming season. These aren’t investments – they’re highly likely to come and go within a handful of months. But they’re completely of the moment. And they’re also So. Much. Fun. Here’s how to be totally 2018.

Which of the Elite Guidebooks is Best for Luxury Travel?

Planning an important luxury trip? Which of the ultra-sophisticated guidebooks will you use to help curate your stay? We’re not talking about the Fodor’s and Frommer’s of the world. We’re talking about the guide books that are written by refined, design-oriented brands that are luxurious in their own right. There are more to choose from than you might think. Our intrepid team of far-flung correspondents offered their top picks, and then we set about assessing which guide is right for which traveler (and for what kind of trip). Unless otherwise noted, all of these are available in both hard copy and digital versions that can be downloaded onto your smartphone or tablet. The good news? There’s a luxury travel guide out there for everyone.

Who is the Target for Chinese New Year Luxury Capsules?

February 16, 2018 marks the beginning of the Year of the Dog on the lunar calendar, and the world’s luxury houses are responding with capsule collections of dog-themed gift items that might appeal to canine parents the world over, in addition to those actually celebrating Chinese New Year (CNY). Which raises an interesting question: who are these collections actually for, especially this year?

The Best of the Spring 2018 Designer Collaborations

If designer fashion collaborations are any guide, the fate of the world may not be as dire as current headlines indicate. Listening to the constant drumbeat of conflict and trash-talking on the global stage, one might assume that building camaraderie across disparate cultures is a tragically lost art. But take hope, dear reader. Just this month, all kinds of mash-ups and collaborations are happening in the worlds of fashion, music and art. If cultures can collide and create such fantastic outcomes in these spheres, perhaps the diplomats and world leaders can learn a thing or two. Consider these unlikely pairings and cool connections in just the first few months of 2018: