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How To Find the Best Luxury Halloween Treats this Year

Halloween is drawing near, and you know what that means: treats! Parties! Goofy costumes! Jack-o-lanterns! What’s not to love? If you’re as psyched as we are about the holiday, and you’re either throwing a party, going to one, or just looking to kick your Halloween game up a notch, here are 5 luxurious Halloween treats that would be perfect ways to indulge this year. Whether it’s a host or hostess gift, a party favor or an indulgent sweet for yourself, here’s what the luxury class will have in its treat bags this All Hallows Eve — and your inner Charlie Bucket would surely consider any one of these a golden ticket:

What’s the Most Luxurious Way to Celebrate Spring?

Isn’t spring your favorite season? Watchin’ the flowers bloomin’ up from the ground, watchin’ the snow melt down, boy, you may dig winter, boy, but spring is my joy. One of our favorite performances by the late great Al Jarreau was the artist singing “Joy Spring.” Whatever your favorite season, that song will make you feel alive to the possibilities of springtime. There are some reasonably kooky and sweet annual festivals around the world to mark the arrival of the season. For example, in Zenica, Bosnia, the Festival of Scrambled Eggs celebrates the egg as a symbol of new life. In Zurich, Sechseläuten is the opportunity to set fire to an enormous snowman (called the Böögg) to banish the winter. South Holland hosts a 12-hour-long parade that travels from Noordwijk to Haarlem; at the Flower Parade of the Bollenstreek every float is constructed of bulb flowers like hyacinths, tulips and daffodils. And in India and Nepal, at the Hindu spring festival of Holi – also known as the “festival of colors” – people of all …

Network for the Ultimate Luxury of Time

The wealthy acquire second homes, fancy cars, museum-quality art, and this season’s clothing and accessories. They hire assistants, house managers, gardeners, maids, drivers, nannies, and tutors – all in an effort to ensure they’ll have time to enjoy these possessions, and time to spend with loved ones. For even when money is no object, time remains elusive. In today’s frenetic, fast-paced world, time is the ultimate luxury.

How to Throw a Luxurious Super Bowl Party This Year

Super Bowl Sunday is – like Thanksgiving – one of those great American traditions that brings nearly everyone to the same table. Regional, class and political issues tend to fade, at least for one day, in the raucous ritual of watching the game, the ads, and the half-time show. And consuming lots of food and drink. That led us here at Dandelion Chandelier into a lively discussion about how to make this annual event even more special. We set out to round up the best/most fun/most over-the-top party ideas from our far-flung correspondents. The Sports Desk went into overdrive (many thanks, you guys!) and we’ve got lots of good input to share.