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The Best of the Red Carpet from the Golden Globes 2018

What have we learned about fashion from this year’s Golden Globes ceremony? The 2018 Golden Globes will be best remembered for the #MeToo movement; the decision that its supporters (male and female) would dress in black for the red carpet; the exclusively female award presenters; and a barn-storming lifetime achievement award acceptance speech delivered by the regal Oprah Winfrey. Beyond these historically vital messages about gender equality, what else can we take from this year’s Golden Globes? Well, dear reader, we absolutely learned how to rock black in a sea of other noir ensembles and still make our presence felt. The ceremony provided a master class in how to wear the color black. This fashion tutorial was not the most important message of the night. But hey, no matter where you come out on the weighty issues of the day, why not take the opportunity to learn more about how to make your fashion choices communicate precisely the message you intend?

Chic insider fashion tips for a stylish new year’s eve

The classic song written in 1947 by Frank Loesser song wistfully enquires “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?” If somehow you’ve never listened to it, you absolutely should – we recommend Ella Fitzgerald’s cover of the bluesy tune; Lena Horne’s is also transporting. Some might vote for Patti LaBelle, Harry Connick, Kacey Musgrave. Your call. Here at Dandelion Chandelier, while we love the song and we know that where you spend the big night is a big deal (as is having your hangover cure plan ready to go), we feel that the more pressing question this time of year is “what are you wearing New Year’s Eve?” Fashionistas the world over know that one’s ensemble as the clock strikes midnight sets the tone for the entire year. We don’t want to be dramatic, but if you haven’t thought about your OOTD for December 31 yet, you should. You don’t want to doom yourself to a dowdy new year.

Can Photography Be a Tool for Social Justice?

Does art have the power to change the world? Can it be a means to advance positive social change? The historical record is well-established — the answer is an emphatic yes. Think Vietnam War-era protest songs, photos and videos of the civil rights marches, provocative feminist performance art, and the AIDS Quilt. These works touched the soul of the nation, and moved people to act with an urgency that well-reasoned speeches and newspaper articles couldn’t always achieve. We recently had the opportunity to meet an artist who is demonstrating the impact that photography can have in the difficult and ongoing work of social justice. Her name is Lynn Savarese, and her story is incredible.

How to Celebrate Halloween Like a Hedge Fund Boss

How does the urban luxury class celebrate Halloween in New York City? Do they even notice it? You might be surprised to learn that like many other Americans, the wealthy financiers of the Upper East Side of Manhattan love Halloween. We can’t say whether or not it’s their favorite holiday, but it has to be in their top 5. How else to explain the over-the-top decorations currently gracing the quiet tree-lined side streets of the tony Upper East Side? Here at Dandelion Chandelier we’ve been on a mission to investigate the most luxurious Halloween experiences. We posed the critical question of town or country: is the perfect Halloween rustic-chic, surrounded by trees, pumpkins and hay bales? Or is it big-city glamorous, with stately townhouses decorated in the most sinister possible way? If you live in or are visiting greater New York, you have to go to The Great Jack O’ Lantern Blaze, which is the perfect rural Halloween road trip. But if you want pavement under your feet and big-city glamour, head to the Upper …

How to Make Halloween Dazzling With Luxury Accessories

Halloween is practically here. Do you have your costume figured out? You’ve got less than a week to come up with something clever, urbane, flattering and memorable. Otherwise, you’ll risk looking horrifying on the holiday, and not in the good way. Whether you decide to go all-out or opt to just jazz up an ensemble that you’d wear to any party, whether you’ve been planning for weeks or are just getting started, here are 6 ways to use luxury accessories or apparel to pop any Halloween costume and grant you the luxury of being one of the night’s brightest stars.