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The Great Blaze is Luxury Halloween Heaven

What’s the best possible way to celebrate Halloween before the big night actually arrives? Here at Dandelion Chandelier, we love All Hallows Eve, so we’ve been on a mission to investigate the most luxurious Halloween experiences. One critical choice is town or country – is your perfect Halloween rustic-chic, surrounded by trees, pumpkins and hay bales? Or is it big-city glamorous, with stately townhouses decorated in the most sinister possible way? Actually, why choose? We’ve got a great suggestion for a fabulous Halloween in the country. And we’ll also show you how to experience Halloween like an urban hedge fund boss. Because that’s the best thing about this holiday – if you celebrate it properly, you can actually have it all. First up, a splendid way to experience Halloween silliness, spookiness, laughter and artistry in a rural setting not far from the city. If you live in or are visiting greater New York in October, you have to go to The Great Jack O’ Lantern Blaze.

Where is the Perfect Luxury Autumn Vacation Destination?

Fall is in full swing, and for the lucky ones who can take a luxury vacation anytime the mood strikes, it’s the perfect season to travel. The summer months are the most popular ones for vacations – July is the busiest month of the year for leisure travel. Travel during the fall in the Northern Hemisphere, on the other hand, is limited to travelers unconstrained by school schedules, work commitments and other obligations. Making it a glorious time to hit to the road. Autumn can be the very best time for a getaway vacation – most destinations are far less crowded, the weather is fine, the fall harvest means that foodies will be in seventh heaven, and in the midst of the social whirl it can be great fun to escape for a long weekend – or a full week away. But where to go?

How to Do Autumn in New York Like a Luxury Insider

Autumn in New York is sung about and lionized in the jazz standard song (best rendered, in our view, by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong) and in classic films like When Harry Met Sally, the 1995 remake of The Thomas Crown Affair, Hannah and Her Sisters and the namesake film itself (the one with Richard Gere and Wynona Ryder – you remember that one, right?) Romantics, dreamers, adventurers and wanderers imagine the city at this time of year as the most brilliant place of all. And we can’t say that they’re wrong. If you decide to visit New York City this fall in pursuit of your own magical experience, what should you be sure to do? We asked some of our pals who are lifelong New Yorkers – and some who are transplants – about their absolute favorite fall activities in Gotham. It goes without saying that if you’ve never been to the city, there are some iconic things that you just need to do (including a stroll through the leaves in Central Park; window-shopping …

Luxury Legends: Can Rodeo Drive Measure Up to the Hype?

Rodeo Drive. The very words make the heartbeat of any devoted luxury shopper of a certain age accelerate. Long before Net-a-Porter there was Rodeo Drive: a magical boulevard with a median strip lined with palm trees and flagship boutiques for every designer and fine jewelry brand worth knowing about. Birthplace of so many iconic movie scenes about shopping: Clueless, Pretty Woman, Sex and the City – The Movie. The stuff of dreams. Fast forward to today, when retail is “dead,” everyone shops online, and direct-to-consumer is the way to get rich quick if you’re a purveyor of luxury goods. Is Rodeo Drive still relevant? Is it still fun? Or has the party moved on?