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the luxury of spring at the lovely gardner museum

What’s the best place to experience spring? Somewhere with flowers, obviously. And perhaps art. A place that’s intimate, quirky, and joyful. Perhaps the home of someone with exquisite taste and a sharp sense of humor. And it would be nice if there were places to sit and daydream, either alone or with your inamorata. Problem solved. You’ll find all of those elements, and more, at the splendid Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.

How to do April in Paris like a true luxury insider

April in Paris. Three little words that evoke beauty, flowers, music, incredible wine, delicious food, and the best shopping anywhere on the planet. Romantics, dreamers, adventurers and wanderers imagine the city at this time of year as the most brilliant place of all. And we can’t say that they’re wrong. If you decide to visit Paris in springtime in pursuit of your own magical experience, what should you be sure to do?

books about the most influential black female artists

Ever since the unveiling of the official portrait of former First Lady Michelle Obama, we’ve been reflecting on the role of black women artists in the contemporary art world. The current exhibitions of the works of Adrian Piper at the MoMA in New York and Lauren Halsey at the MOCA in LA gave us further impetus to get smarter on the subject. We went looking for books that would educate us about the path these women have taken, and demonstrate how their work has influenced the way we see the world.