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Two hours in Zürich: the best spots for a quick visit

We’ve all been there: on a business trip, not much down time, in a sophisticated beautiful city that we long to explore. But what to do with two hours or less to spare? We always ask our local work colleagues what we should do if we have a precious couple of hours to sneak out and experience at least a taste of what their city has to offer. Now we’re sharing those ideas with you. In this edition of Two Hours in . . . we address the question: What to do with 2 free hours in Zürich? These are the best spots for a quick visit if you have only two hours in Zürich.

a visit to the most beautiful painting in new york city

In a city filled with wondrous works of art from every conceivable time period and genre, and from hundreds of nations and cultures, which one is the most beautiful of all? This fall in New York City, the art critics and experts have reached an uncommonly uniform consensus. The most beautiful painting in New York City – at least for another few weeks – is Visitation, an oil painting by the Italian Mannerist Jacopo da Pontormo (1494–1556). You can see it for yourself from now until January 6, 2019 at the Morgan Library & Museum.

The Best Things to Do with Kids in New York at Christmas

What are the best things to do with kids in New York at Christmas? There are so many options, given how many new experiences there are here every year.  There are lots of luxurious activities for grown-ups, of course. And lots of great places for Christmas dinner. But what about the littles? Here are 25 suggestions for activities in New York for families with kids – from the classics in midtown to a few lesser-known marvels in other parts of the city – that will be filled with holiday magic. There’s one for every day of December for the truly ambitious.