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How to Do Autumn in New York Like a Luxury Insider

Autumn in New York is sung about and lionized in the jazz standard song (best rendered, in our view, by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong) and in classic films like When Harry Met Sally, the 1995 remake of The Thomas Crown Affair, Hannah and Her Sisters and the namesake film itself (the one with Richard Gere and Wynona Ryder – you remember that one, right?) Romantics, dreamers, adventurers and wanderers imagine the city at this time of year as the most brilliant place of all. And we can’t say that they’re wrong. If you decide to visit New York City this fall in pursuit of your own magical experience, what should you be sure to do? We asked some of our pals who are lifelong New Yorkers – and some who are transplants – about their absolute favorite fall activities in Gotham. It goes without saying that if you’ve never been to the city, there are some iconic things that you just need to do (including a stroll through the leaves in Central Park; window-shopping …

Where Can One See the Pioneering Yayoi Kusama This Year?

Where can you see Yayoi Kusama this year? For starters, on Instagram. If you haven’t seen at least one Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirror pic on Instagram this year, then you clearly have not been on Instagram this year. A blockbuster exhibition of works by the 88-year-old artist – one of Japan’s most celebrated – has been on tour since late February, and it has definitely become A Thing. If you weren’t already familiar with the work of the red-wigged avant-garde artist from her 2012 collaboration with Louis Vuitton, or her inclusion on TIME magazine’s 100 Most Influential People last year, you’ve surely heard about her by now. The Infinity Rooms are comprised of repetitive patterned objects: pumpkins, balloons, phallic objects and the like. When visitors step inside the mirrored spaces – the limit is three people at a time – they become immersed in a dazzling swirl of light and color, including images of themselves.