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How Did the NoMad Become the Best Bar in North America?

Last October, the NoMad Bar in Manhattan was named #3 on the World’s 50 Best Bars list for 2017, and the best bar on the continent of North America. Given the vast number of swanky watering holes in New York City alone, this is a phenomenal achievement. The judges said, among other things, that in just five short years, the NoMad has become “one of the most essential bars in the city – and now the world, having been crowned Best Bar in North America.” How does a team create such an establishment? Who were the visionaries behind this achievement? And what’s next? Read on, dear reader, read on.

Is SWERVE Fitness the Spinning Studio of the Future?

We’re kicking off our Winter Wellness series here at Dandelion Chandelier this week. The start of a new year always seems to involve health-related resolutions: earnest vows to get and stay in shape, to eat healthier, to take time to improve our mental well-being – and also to get more sleep. It all seems within reach in early January, but some of us have already thrown in the towel by mid-month. To try to avoid a repeat of that annual cycle, we’ll be investigating the latest research on wellness and weight loss; visiting a cool new fitness studio; checking into a couple of great destination spas; and investigating wellness-focused resources of all kinds. First up? A New York boutique fitness studio that can help you get and in stay in shape, keep your weight in check, introduce you to some new friends, and also advance your career and build your professional network. Sounds impossible, you say? We’ve got one word for you, dear reader: SWERVE.

Can Art Ever Capture the True Spirit of the Sea?

Is it possible for an artist to capture the essence of the ocean? Its mystery, texture, and movement? Its fantastical and majestic denizens? The smell of it, the saltiness of it, the awe that it inspires? A gifted and hard-working visionary can take those elements and viscerally bring them into even the most earth-bound environments. Jennifer Clifford Danner is one such talent. We visited her studio recently to view her work and hear her story, and we were swept away.

What’s it Like to be a Guy in a Spinning Class?

We’re kicking off our Dandelion Chandelier Winter Wellness series with a further exploration of what’s new in the world of spinning. Our first two dispatches from men who spin generated so much conversation that we decided to ask a few more guys to share their experiences. In the process, we learned about Swerve, a spin studio that seems expressly tailored to the needs of alpha personality types and former athletes of all ability levels. If you have such a person in your in your life – or even better, if you are such a person – you might want to read on.