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Equestrian Is the New Ski in the World Of Sporty Luxury

Luxury track suits? Designer ski pants? Dear reader, those are so 2017. One of our brilliant friends, founder of the obscenely chic luxury brand F.WORDS, has turned us on to the latest and most inspired way to embody both luxurious and sporty style: equestrian chic. An added benefit? On or off a horse, your rear view will receive nearly as much acclaim as Kim Kardashian’s. If you care about such things.

Love good music? Why not stay at a lyrical luxury hotel?

If music be the food of love, how should we think about a music-inspired luxury hotel? Surely, they must be romantic, exciting, even intoxicating. No matter the genre — classical, pop, chamber music, hip-hop, jazz, or rock-and-roll — across the globe there are unique hotels that will bring you closer to the music, fellow-music lovers, and performers. And perhaps even to the very best version of yourself.

true luxury is easy and marvelous

Fireflies is a recurring series of essays at Dandelion Chandelier written by our youngest contributors. Our Fireflies are sharing how they experience life, and what they love (and don’t). Prepare for sparks and flashes of insight about modern luxuries, large and small.

Cool new luxury retail concepts you need to see now

Everyone’s buzzing about “Third Wave” retail – that magical place where e-commerce meets brick and mortar retailing, and consumers find experiential luxuries as well as cool new products that they might not have found if they were only shopping online. What does that mean in real life, though? Here are a dozen new luxury retail stores, all of which have opened in the past 12 months, that capture the concept brilliantly.