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Jackson Hole Wyoming is the Perfect Summer Luxury Escape

Sometimes you just need to get out of town. Denizens of the glittering cities of the world are occasionally overcome by occupational and residential hazards – including stress, fatigue, disappointment, overstimulation, ennui, excessive heat, or some combination of all of these, leading to an undeniable longing for fresh air, natural beauty and wide-open spaces. It happens to everyone, whether they’ll admit it or not, especially in the summer. The countryside starts calling. And the only cure is to just pack your bags and go.

Chic Insider Tips on the Best Luxury Hotels in Paris

Now that the fabled Hôtel de Crillon has reopened on the Place de la Concorde after a 4-year renovation, where does it rank in the pantheon of luxury hotels in Paris? We asked our Dandelion Chandelier Paris Bureau Chief to weigh in on what the opening means for those who are planning a trip to the City of Light and curious to learn where the chic insiders from France and other cosmopolitan places are staying right now. Here’s our report.

Trends We Love in the 2017 Pre-Fall Luxury Collections

You call it spring. We call it pre-fall. You know quite well which tribe you’re a member of, based on what season you think it is right now in the Northern Hemisphere. Fashionistas live at least three months ahead of the rest of the world. So while some folk are shopping for shorts, swimsuits, and sandals, the fashion tribe is on the hunt for fabulous coats, boots, and lightweight sweaters. Stylish people everywhere have their heads in pre-fall 2017.