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The 7 Transporting New Luxury Fragrances We Love

The luxury fragrance world is always a lovely place in which to spend some time, especially on a gray day. The bottles look like jewels, and when they’re arranged with an expert eye, they’re absolutely magical (we’re looking at you, Roja and House of Silage). Recently, our Dandelion Chandelier Style Council sniffed around a bit in Manhattan to see what’s new in ultra-luxury fragrance. What we saw was transporting, and made us feel that spring cannot possibly be far away. There are fresh bouquets of new floral fragrances, plus new collections based on personal characteristics to which we all aspire – and also a wildly sexy new offering from a historically staid British perfume house. And a fowl way to freshen your home with a chic floral fragrance. Perhaps our reward for sticking to our new year’s resolutions should be a bottle of one of these.

What’s the modern way to welcome the new year?

How has social media changed the way we celebrate New Year’s Eve? Rather profoundly, it seems. Old acquaintance may actually be forgot and never brought to mind; old-school auld lang syne may be left in the dust – ignominiously swept up with the other detritus of the New Year’s Eve bash, and tossed away like used confetti. There’s a whole new way to ring in the new year, enabled by youthful energy and social media. Forget about a boring analog list of hand-written or spoken New Year’s resolutions, counting backwards from 10 and singing that song that no one knows the lyrics to anyway. At Dandelion Chandelier, our Head of Research investigated how our far-flung correspondents and their friends closed out 2017 and welcomed the New Year (thanks, girl!) Turns out there are at least 10 modern ways to clear the air before the start of a new year, honor the highlights of the passing year, and give a shout-out to the people who made a difference in our lives in the past 12 months.

Luxury brand Valentino has a very big heart

Can a global luxury company have a heart? Especially in the middle of the holiday shopping season? In the case of Valentino, the answer is an emphatic yes. On a clear balmy Manhattan night, illuminated by a nearly-full moon, hundreds of holiday lights, and brightly-lit store windows, we set out for the Valentino flagship store on Fifth Avenue for an event celebrating the launch of the maison’s holiday collaboration with Christy Turlington Burns to benefit her charity Every Mother Counts. #everymomcounts

How to do LA like a Luxury Insider

Heading for Los Angeles? Whether you’re planning a luxurious week-long stay (or more), or just blowing through town on a business trip with a couple of free hours to spare, there’s always something fantastic to do in LA. In our ongoing series about LA luxury here at Dandelion Chandelier, we’ve been sharing our stories from our recent trip to the West Coast. Before we went, we asked our team of far-flung correspondents for their inside info on the best ways to have an authentic LA experience. It goes without saying that there are some iconic LA places that you need to see if you haven’t already: Rodeo Drive, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Griffith Observatory, the Hollywood sign, and Disneyland. But once you’ve done those, here’s our curated list of 10 ways to do LA like a luxury insider:

Will Aman Be Crowned Best of all New York Luxury Hotels?

Legendary luxury hospitality company Aman is coming to Manhattan! Aman junkies of the world, you’ll soon have a new destination to explore. And Trump Tower, you’ll soon have a new neighbor! Here at Dandelion Chandelier, we’ve already shared our experiences at our first Aman resort – Amangani, located high on a bluff in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Aman resorts have long been an inside secret among the global elites. It’s been notable that in our ongoing series of interviews with various Luminaries, several have mentioned their love for Aman’s incredible collection of properties and its exquisite service. It really is A Thing. And now it’s coming to New York City.