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The Fall 2017 Trends You Need to Know: Shoes and Boots

It’s that time of year: fall shopping season! Here’s your list of the important luxury trends for fall/winter 2017 that we spotted during our recent shopping forays. Our goal is to help you refine your shopping list down to the items that you’ll love and that will go the distance, while capturing the fun of some hot trends that you might want to rock this fall. And even if you’re just window-shopping, these are the excellent things to have a look at, and to discuss with your posse.

Big Ideas in the Fall 2017 Luxury Fashion Magazines

The September issues have arrived! A dazzling array of luxury fashion trends, provocative ads and cool cover shots are ready for your perusal. In case you don’t have the time, energy or interest to check them all out firsthand, we’ve got the essential big ideas covered right here. Whether you’re a fashionista on the go, or you have one in your life who you’d like to impress with your sartorial savvy and on-trend fashion IQ (maybe your boss, for example?), here’s everything you need to know about fall/winter 2017. Before we begin, can we just say that it’s officially our favorite time of the year? It’s almost leather jacket weather, almost sweater season, and definitely time to break out the cute furry boots. We love autumn. Just sayin.

Trends We Love in the 2017 Pre-Fall Luxury Collections

You call it spring. We call it pre-fall. You know quite well which tribe you’re a member of, based on what season you think it is right now in the Northern Hemisphere. Fashionistas live at least three months ahead of the rest of the world. So while some folk are shopping for shorts, swimsuits, and sandals, the fashion tribe is on the hunt for fabulous coats, boots, and lightweight sweaters. Stylish people everywhere have their heads in pre-fall 2017.

The Importance of Powering Up your Luxury Smarts (101)

I’m standing in front of the windows at Bergdorf’s and I’m transported. I do this every time I can when in New York. Inside, I have a lively exchange with a salesperson about the price of the most fantastic silk brocade coat I’ve ever seen (let’s be fair, no names). I look around and notice a woman angrily snatching at a dress on the rack, frowning and comparing it rather unfavorably to her great grandmother’s couture dress. Another is checking for size 0s and exuding body anxiety. A third woman with an edgy sequin T-shirt, sky blue hair, and a “strictly business” arrogance is clearly shopping as her boss’s surrogate abusive consumer. What is their problem? The whole place is GORGEOUS! Can’t say it isn’t luxurious. So why aren’t more customers and salespeople having a yumilicious time?