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tartan plaid is trending, and here are some of the best

Tartan plaid, like leopard, is one of those fashion elements that never really goes away. Especially at this time of year, when the temperatures drop, and the holidays are on the horizon. But this year, for some reason, designer brands are showing more tartan than we remember seeing in quite some time. It’s never been a big part of our wardrobe, but all of a sudden, we’re kind of craving it.

Love leopard prints? Here are some of the best

We love leopard prints. We can’t remember anything we’ve ever bought that was a leopard print that we regret buying (and like so many, we’ve had plenty of buyer’s remorse through the years when it comes to fashion). For some reason, animal prints – especially leopard print – never go out of style. So you can wear a favorite piece a lot, or a little, for years and years, and you’ll always be both trendy and timeless. How great is that? Leopard prints are ubiquitous for fall-winter 2018-19, making it a perfect time to invest in a piece or two.