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The Best Bookstores In The World: Hatchards In London

The Best Bookstores in the World is an occasional series here at Dandelion Chandelier. As we roam the world, we love to check out the interesting bookstores in town. When we really love them, we’ll share them with you. First up? A centuries old shop in the heart of Piccadilly in London. Not every bookstore gets the endorsement of the Queen. But not every bookstore is the original Hatchards.

The Best Ways To Upgrade Your Dorm Room Decor This Year

The new school year is underway: you’ve picked your classes, been to a tailgate and a football game or two, and maybe you’re even sporting some new fall wardrobe items.  But how are you feeling about your dorm room decor? If you’re like us, you bought or borrowed a bunch of used stuff from other students, friends, or family members. Which is totally fine. But if you’re feeling the need for an upgrade, fear not. It’s fine to live in a space for a couple of weeks, see what’s working for you (and your roommate), and then adjust. If you’re a few weeks into the semester and already ready to redecorate, we got you.

the best fall 2018 fashion for the boardroom and beyond

How should you dress when you want to convey power and authority? An important business meeting or daytime social engagement is the time to be bold, and to strike the right sartorial balance between safe and standout. Basically, you need to dress like a boss. The good news? This fall, there are lots of looks that will more than meet that need. Here are some of the “boardroom” looks that caught our eye in the fall-winter 2018 designer collections. Wear any one of these to your next big meeting, and you’ll own the room.

the best fall 2018 luxury party and evening fashions

Party season is approaching, and it’s time to peer into your closet to decide if you’re ready for all the fun ahead. If your aim is to hit that perfect balance of investment pieces that will last for several seasons, but that are totally on-point in the here and now, you’re in luck. There are some gorgeous new offerings out there right now. Here are some of the best pieces from the fall winter 2018-19 designer collections to take you to black-tie galas, dinner with friends, date night, or a brilliant concert or theater performance. Bring on the night.