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What’s the Best New Restaurant in Edgartown This Year?

Foodie alert! The cocktail and dining options in Edgartown just keep getting better. The tony village at the eastern end of Martha’s Vineyard has always been home to the fanciest and most formal restaurants on the island: L’Etoile, the Lighthouse Grill at the Harborview, Atria, Alchemy and The Terrace at The Charlotte Inn. But it hasn’t necessarily been a place for new, hip, edgy or plain-old-fun boîtes. That started to change with the 2015 arrival of the Port Hunter. Then came The Covington and Behind the Bookstore, and suddenly Main Street was starting to become interesting. The latest and by far the coolest stop in town, though, is 19 Raw Oyster Bar, around the corner on Church Street. We read about the restaurant before making our annual pilgrimage to the island this year. It was mentioned in Town & Country as filling a surprising gap in the MV restaurant ecosystem: until its arrival in mid-summer, there was a distinct dearth of proper oyster bars on an island surrounded by – you guessed it – oysters.

Can a Martha’s Vineyard Fair Be a Luxurious Experience?

August involves many micro-luxuries: sunflowers, fresh lemonade, the smell of suntan lotion, watermelon, and the joys of going to a state fair. What’s that, you say? How can attending a state fair be a luxury? You’re kidding, right? Nope. Here at Dandelion Chandelier we love agricultural fairs, state fairs, street fairs, and carnivals of all kinds. We particularly love the annual Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Fair. What’s not to like? The smell of barns full of hay and lowing cows. The sound of carnival barkers and a septuagenarian Dixieland band. The cries of roosters and happy little kids. And cotton candy. We are all about pink cotton candy. For the skeptics, doubters, cynics and naysayers, here’s our list of 10 reasons that a visit to a state fair during the month of August is one of life’s sweetest luxuries:

Luxury Legends: The 5 Tribes of Martha’s Vineyard

Heading to Martha’s Vineyard anytime soon? Are you prepared for the questions certain to greet you shortly after your arrival? Questions like: “Are you renting? Or do you own?” “Are you staying up island?” “Are the Obamas still here?” “How long will you be on the island?” (You must never, ever say that you are “in” MV – that’s a dead giveaway that you are a day-tripping arriviste. You are “on” Martha’s Vineyard.) Every elite community has its own vocabulary. The sooner you learn to speak it, the more parties you’ll be invited to. To prepare you for these, and many other queries, as well as to ensure that you speak “Martha’s Vineyard” like a pro, we here at Dandelion Chandelier have prepared this handy guide to the various luxury tribes currently to be found on the island. We’ve collectively visited the island and carefully studied its mores for more than 20 years (in some cases, many more), so consider this an informed overview. As with the Hamptons, there is not one Martha’s Vineyard – …

Private Around-the-World Jet Trip Is the Latest Luxury

If money were no object, how would you choose to see the world? Would you do it “all in one go” on the luxury trip of a lifetime? Or would you spread it out over several years and multiple journeys, so that you could absorb and appreciate everything that you experienced? Would you travel with strangers? With just one other person? Or with 50 of your closest friends? It’s a champagne dilemma. And one that the uber-rich are increasingly faced with. Taking a Grand Tour of the civilized world was a cherished ritual of the wealthy in the 19th century – the trips lasted for months, sometimes years, and were an important facet of becoming a sophisticated adult in high society. Fast forward to today, when such a trip can be completed in a matter of days if you have the right budget. New York, London, Paris, St. Petersburg, Jaipur, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Sydney – if you’ve got a couple of weeks and lot of stamina, you can check all of these destinations and more …