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the best luxury boxing gyms in the world right now

Why is boxing becoming so popular as a workout? And what are the best luxury boxing gyms in the world right now? We’ve explored the latest overall trends in fitness, the new studio fitness classes and enhancements, the best luxury gyms and the latest in fitness tech. Now our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy breaks down what you need to know right now about boxing as a way to get and stay fit.

The Best Events in Sports and Luxury Fitness in February

The Dandelion Chandelier Calendar for Sports and Luxury Fitness showcases the best events in sports and luxury fitness and wellness in February 2019. These are our top picks of events to see and do in the world of marathons, cycling, tennis, golf, snow sports, Thoroughbred horse races, and professional sports. For the rest of the Luxury Calendar, click here. And for weekly sports updates read TWIST: This Week in Sports Talk. 

the best luxury gyms in the world right now

We’ve shared the latest trends in fitness, wellness, and studio-based workouts. Now, to dream a little dream, we’re assessing the best luxury gyms in the world. With all the fabulous at-home workout equipment on the market, is there actually a gym worth leaving home for? Sure, some high-end fitness studios are morphing into private members-only social clubs. But what about the rest? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy gives us the run-down on the best luxury gym experiences money can buy.

focus on social wellness at these innovative private clubs

Social wellness clubs are now officially a Thing again. In late 2016, there was a wave of news coverage about the rise of private social clubs – and boutique fitness studios – morphing into membership-based wellness clubs. Now the idea has come roaring back with new clubs opening or coming soon on both coasts in the US and in London. We’re not sure that we want every element of our lives – work, working out, and playing out – all happening under the same roof. But we were intrigued by the idea, so we went in search of the latest news. Here’s the run-down on the latest wave of wellness-oriented private clubs.