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What’s the latest in top luxury restaurant news now?

Every month, our Food Editor Nicole Douillet shares her top 5 insights on news and headlines from the world of restaurants, food and wine. So if you’ve got foodie friends or family members (or if you yourself are one), here’s what you need to know for the month of April 2018. Curious about big events in the world of food and drink this month? Click here.

Low is the New High Luxury: Michelin-Starred Street Food

One of the reasons we love covering luxury here at Dandelion Chandelier is because the topic is so complex and the very definition of what luxury is eternally evolves. For example, our very name reflects one of luxury’s enduring inherent dualities: luxurious objects and experiences must be perceived as authentic and deeply rooted in the ground – but they must also soar high above our heads, just out of reach, generating desire and acquisitiveness in the hearts of those who behold them.

See Luxury in a New Light with: Alex Stupak

The Dandelion Chandelier Luminary Café is the place to find a series of personal interviews with fascinating people who are stellar achievers in their chosen field of endeavor. Our Luminaries are sharing their origin stories, life philosophies, secret songs, guilty pleasures and hidden talents. It’s guaranteed to be illuminating.