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What You Need to Know about St. Barth’s Right Now

The French-speaking island of St. Barth’s – or to be precise, Saint Barthélemy – has long been a glamorous year-end playground and the destination of choice for the owners of mega-yachts, the fashion industry elite, entertainers, athletes and their entourages. The Leeward Islands tropical paradise is the stuff of dreams. But the fall 2017 hurricane season was brutal, with a string of named storms wreaking havoc on many parts of the Caribbean, including this lovely island. What’s the situation there now? We have the latest update.

Why Do People Love to Ski and Snowboard?

The Winter Wellness series here at Dandelion Chandelier continues this week. The start of a new year always seems to involve health-related resolutions: earnest vows to get and stay in shape, to eat healthier, to take time to improve our mental well-being – and also to get more sleep. It all seems within reach in early January, but some of us have already thrown in the towel by mid-month (that would be right about now). To try to avoid a repeat of that annual cycle, we’ll be investigating the latest research on wellness and weight loss; visiting a cool new fitness studio; checking into a couple of great destination spas; and investigating wellness-focused resources of all kinds. We also thought that this was the right moment to address a profound question in the sphere of winter wellness: why ski or snowboard? Said another way, why would anyone in their right mind voluntarily choose to don clunky heavy boots, several layers of clothing, a helmet, face mask  and googles, and then strap two sticks or an over-sized …

Best Luxury Travel Destinations in the Month of February

Where will February take you? Where should it? The Winter Olympics kick off in South Korea, so depending on your proclivities, you might want to head there. Or you could celebrate Chinese New Year in any number of luxurious locales. If you love crowds, there are lots of other options, too, as pre-Lent revelers take to the streets in cities all over the globe. On the other hand, if it’s solitude you seek, consider a trip to Tasmania. Of course, February is the month of love and passion, so a romantic destination should definitely be on your consideration list. And while it may seem distant, spring is just around the corner, and a visit to one of the world’s loveliest gardens in the Americas, Asia or Europe – or at least to an indoor orchid show — might hurry along its arrival.